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Hi, I'm Malcolm Lewis, a 25-year marketing veteran with 5 exits and a $1B+ IPO under my belt. I'm also a startup advisor, pitch deck coach, creator of the #1 pitch deck template on SlideShare and author of the popular Pitch Deck Guide. If you need a free pitch deck template, or you want to create a new investor pitch deck from scratch, or you'd like help finishing up an existing deck, read on.

Free Pitch Deck Template

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Are you looking for a free pitch deck template? Check out the most popular pitch deck template on SlideShare. Created by me for a local startup incubator and inspired by classic templates from folks like AirBnb, Guy Kawasaki, Sequoia Capital, 500 Startups and Venture Hacks. Includes elevator pitch template and example.

Read my pitch deck guide for step-by-step instruction on how to create or improve your deck using this template. I include insights into what investors are looking for plus detailed hints, tips and recommendations on what to include on each slide. I also provide sample content throughout to bring my recommendations to life for you.

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Do You Need Help With Your Pitch Deck?

Pitch decks were once what you used IN your meeting. Now their first job is to GET you a meeting.

Getting your pitch deck right is now more important than ever. Could you use some unbiased feedback on your existing pitch deck? Or help creating a new deck from scratch? I can help. My process applies my pitch deck guide recommendations to the specifics of your unique business. If you like my guide, you will love the new deck we build together. The result of our collaboration will be a clean, simple, compelling business pitch that gives you the best possible chance of getting funded. Contact me today for more info and a free intro call. I usually respond within a few hours.

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Why Me?

Because you like my Pitch Deck Template & Guide. Because my 25+ years of experience across every aspect of business and product strategy and execution will allow me to quickly understand your story and swiftly recast it to a form investors expect and appreciate. Because I will make sure you address every question that investors will need answered before they greenlight your investment. Because I have great testimonials from investors and clients. And because I have 5 exits under my belt including a $1B IPO (for which I developed the investor prospectus and investor roadshow deck) and 4 acquisitions, three of which I personally pitched, negotiated and closed.

Content First — Then Design

Most pitch deck consultants focus on design — making your deck look pretty. While you will absolutely need some design touches to make your deck look professional, a pretty deck that tells a weak story is nothing more than lipstick on a pig. A great pitch deck tells a compelling story. A story of huge upside with nominal market, product and team/execution risk. A significant market. Trends that amplify and accelerate your opportunity. An intuitive solution to an obvious problem. A defensible competitive advantage. And a dream team that can acquire and retain customers profitably, at scale. Pick a pitch deck consultant that can help you nail that story before anything else.

Simple Design Service Also Available

My forte is pitch deck content, but I can also provide you with a clean, simple design for your deck that you can then use as-is or hand over to a designer to add some graphical touches. See the Gleamr deck in my pitch deck guide as an example of what I can produce for you if you don't have your own designer on call.

How It Works


We'll spend 15-30 mins discussing your project and business. If we agree I can help you:


You'll walk me through your current deck, or an overview of your business if starting from scratch. If you have any existing materials that describe your product and business opportunity then you may share them with me before or during this step.


I'll spend some time alone reviewing your deck. I'll produce a report with general and slide-by-slide recommendations that we'll then discuss together on a followup call. We'll focus exclusively on structure, flow and slide content at this stage. Adding design polish comes later.


We'll iterate until the deck is done to your satisfaction or you decide you can finish it up yourself. Once the deck is finalized, I can also help you generate a concise and compelling elevator pitch that summrizes the key points in your pitch deck in 1-2 short paragraphs.

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Sample Clients

Open source, cloud native financial services delivery platform

Cloud-based development platform for device agnostic mobile and IoT apps

Social to-do list and discovery app for TV shows, movies, restaurants and books

Financial wellness app for businesses and their employees

Marketplace for home sellers and real estate agents

Temp clerical staff recruiting app for businesses

Customer review management app for small businesses and local service providers

On-demand ride platform for the taxicab industry

Music streaming, events and discovery app for hip hop music lovers

Client & Investor Testimonials

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"A pitch deck is the backdrop for telling your story: conveying your vision, your passion, the problem that you’re solving, your solution and how you’re going to build your company. Malcolm’s experience is all around telling that story, to a variety of audiences, but always in a compelling way."
Alex Osadzinski
Former Venture Partner, Trinity Ventures

Testimonial provider photo
"Malcolm gets my highest recommendation as a Pitch Deck Coach. His unique ability to recognize, understand and explain proper flow and structure from an investor's point of view is invaluable. Malcolm tactfully, but directly pointed out areas in our deck that needed to be considered in a different way, and proved to be right 100% of the time with his observations and suggestions."
Ara Agopian
Founder & CEO, Boon

Testimonial provider photo
"Malcolm understands the business and experience of being an entrepreneur. More important, he understands how to help entrepreneurs build the story that will move prospective investors, customers, partners and employees."
David Carlick
Reformed VC (formerly Rho Ventures and VantagePoint Capital Partners)

Ready to Get Started?

Message me on LinkedIn for more info on my process, fees, and availability, and to schedule a free intro call for us to discuss your project. I'll usually get back to you within a few hours.

In a Rush?

I can complete your project in as little as 2 days, subject to availability.

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Be the 1% — Get Funded

The future of your business depends on the strength of your pitch deck. It's the one place where you cannot afford to cut corners or settle for anything less than your very best. Investors reject 99 out of every 100 pitch decks they see. Let me help you be the 1%.

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