Edward Wu headshot

Edward Wu

Founder, Dropzone AI. Raised $3.5M in 4 weeks.

Malcolm helped us level up our business plan and positioning from a technologist's brain dump to a well-rounded pitch with crystal clear real-world values that anyone could understand. This was invaluable when we needed to convert investors who were not familiar with our specific niche into early believers.

Jared Starin headshot

Jared Starin

Co-Founder, Collectibles Showcase.

With a very short turn-around window, Malcolm did an incredible job helping our team consolidate our story into a simple and compelling narrative and turn that into an engaging pitch deck. His feedback on our business and financial models also proved invaluable.

Frank Overton headshot

Frank Overton

Founder & CEO, Fascat

I worked with Malcolm closely on our pitch deck and it went from just OK to WOW in a span of 10 days. He helped me refine our story, and hit highlights that investors care about the most. Each slide speaks to the upside and minimizes the risk. 11/10 would hire again.

Keith Smith headshot

Keith Smith

Founder & CEO, Me4U

I recently collaborated with Malcolm on a presentation deck and recommend him. His well-structured process, creativity, and attention to detail led to a final product that surpassed my expectations. His ability to craft engaging visuals and his excellent communication make him an asset to any team or project.

Stefano Sanchini headshot

Stefano Sanchini

Founder & CEO, 4URSPACE

I turned to Malcolm after spending countless hours trying to create the perfect company deck and achieving no results. Working with him has been a game-changer. He helped me and my team achieve the result we wanted in a fraction of the time I spent in the past few years. He quickly understood our business model and provided clear guidelines for us to work on.

Kapil Gupta headshot

Kapil Gupta

Co-Founder & CEO, Compiify

Malcolm is extremely knowledgeable, business savvy and a great story teller. He can take a raw narrative and transform it into crisp, data-driven and tight pitch deck that comes across as very convincing. I highly recommend him.


David Carlick headshot

David Carlick

Formerly Rho Ventures and VantagePoint Capital Partners

Malcolm understands the business and experience of being an entrepreneur. More importantly, he understands how to help entrepreneurs build the story that will move prospective investors, customers, partners, and employees.

Alex Osadzinski headshot

Alex Osadzinski

Former Venture Partner, Trinity Ventures

A pitch deck is the backdrop for telling your story: conveying your vision, your passion, the problem that you’re solving, your solution, and how you’re going to build your company. Malcolm’s experience is all around telling that story, to a variety of audiences, but always in a compelling way.

Carey Ransom headshot

Carey Ransom

Founder & President at Operate

If you're working on your pitch deck, you want a lot of well-trained eyes on it, that are more objective than you are, can clarify your story, and connect it to the market opportunities with customers and investors. Malcolm has a career of developing these stories as an entrepreneur, investor, and coach, and is a critical ally to founders.