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How to write a memorable elevator pitch for your startup

Your elevator pitch is a clear and simple 20-40 second summary of your pitch deck. You can say it or send it in an email. It's also something you or someone you trust can forward to an investor to pique their interest. Your elevator pitch is easy to produce once you've done your pitch deck. In fact, I often recommend producing an elevator pitch before you start your pitch deck. When used in this way, think of it as an outline or blueprint for your full pitch deck.

Here's an elevator pitch template for you to use. I've also provided an example using sample content from my fictitious Gleamr startup. When using your elevator pitch in person, and you only have 10-15 seconds, just use the first couple of sentences. I.e. What do you do and who do you help.

Elevator Pitch Template

Your company name is your solution for your target customers/users. We help your customers/users solve this problem with these benefits.

We're initially targeting your market. We make our money by your business model. We acquire customers by your primary customer acquisition strategy.

We have your team advantage, your technology advantage. your traction statement.

We're seeking your desired funding to your primary use of funds raised.

Elevator Pitch Example

Gleamr is the largest consumer marketplace for on-demand mobile auto details in the US. We help consumers get an affordable, professional auto detail wherever they are, whenever they want. And we help mobile auto detailers spend less time chasing customers and more time detailing cars.

We're initially targeting the $2B US market for on-demand mobile auto details. We make our money by collecting a 15% transaction fee from auto detailers. We acquire customers primarily through paid search and paid social ad campaigns. and estimate a 4.9x LTV return on our customer acquisition cost.

We have a complete and experienced team, deep domain expertise, patent-pending technology and a significant first-mover advantage. In our first nine months we've signed up 11,000 detailers and 82,000 consumers. We're currently at a $1.5M run rate.

We're seeking $2M in Series A funding which will fund the next 2 years of our business plan, getting us to a $29M run rate.

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