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Recommended pitch deck slide flow | Pitch Deck Coach

Don't reinvent the wheel when organizing your pitch deck slides

Founders, Don't reinvent the wheel when it comes to organizing your pitch deck slides. Choose a logical flow that tells your story in the way investors expect to read or hear it. You'll be glad you did :)

You have 2 goals with your pitch deck

👍 1. Get investors to understand your pitch.

👊 2. Get investors excited enough to request a meeting.

(2) doesn't happen without (1).

And (1) is way more likely if you tell your story in the way investors expect to see it presented.

CAVEAT: Of course, there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all template. But you won't go wrong if you adopt my recommended flow.

Introducing the 'Key 3'

I believe you have 3 slides to hook investors and get them leaning into your deck vs. casting it aside and moving on to the next deck in their pile.

I call these 3 slides the 'Key 3.'

Below are these 'Key 3' slides... along with the top-of-mind investor questions they answer in seconds when done right.

1. COVER Slide

>> What do you do (product category)?

>> Who do you help (target customer)?

>> What is your primary use case and business impact (problem solved)?


>> How big is your market?

>> How big will you get in the next 2 years (ARR)?

>> What's special about your product?

>> What's special about your team?

>> What traction have you got?

>> How much are you raising?

Note all of the above are pithy bullets that get the investor excited about what you'll cover in detail later in the deck. Each bullet is essentially the headline from the detailed slide that follows. 'Tell 'em what you're going to tell them.' Repeat this slide at the end of your deck to 'tell 'em what you told them.'

3. TEAM slide

>> Why is your team the best team to turn this idea into a product and then a thriving business?

>> What relevant experience do you have with respect to your target customers and the problem you solve?

>> What relevant experience do you have building products like the product you intend to build to solve your target problem?

>> What relevant experience do you have launching and scaling startups?


1. Don't reinvent the wheel. Use a familiar pitch deck slide flow to deliver your pitch.

2. Crush the first 3 slides of your deck using my Key 3 recommendations to maximize the chancers that investors lean into your deck, love what they see, and ask you to come in for a chat.

DM me if you need a fresh pair of eyes on your pitch deck narrative or slides.

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