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Malcolm Lewis | Pitch Deck Coach

How to nail your pitch deck Funding slide

Here’s how to nail your pitch deck Funding slide: Explain HOW you will spend the raise *and* WHAT you will achieve with it *and* HOW LONG it will last.

Explain HOW you will spend your funding

How you will spend your desired funding is covered by the operating expenses on your Financials slide. Those expenses should cover payroll for every department (Product, Marketing, Sales, Support, etc.) plus program costs for Marketing. Include your assumptions for headcounts, coverage (eg How many customers supported per Support rep) and fully burdened payroll cost.

How you will spend the raise is also covered in your GTM slide where you should have explained your strategies and tactics for customer acquisition, retention, and expansion.

Explain what you will ACHIEVE with your funding

What you will achieve with your desired funding is covered by the revenue section of your Financials slide. If the raise will fund the next 2 years of your plan then your primary achievement will be to hit your planned revenue run rate at the end of those 2 years per your pro forma income statement.

What you will achieve is also covered by your Roadmap slide which should list key product milestones you expect to hit over the next 2-3 years.

Explain HOW LONG your funding will last

How long your funding will last is also be tied to your prof forma financials. If your model says you'll burn $2M to reach $5M in ARR over the next 2 years then tell investors they are providing $2.5M (cushion added) to fund your plan for the next 2 years. So 2 years is how long the money will last.

Let your slides work together like instruments in an orchestra

Many pitch decks treat each slide like an information silo. But a compelling pitch deck narrative builds slide by slide and establishes common threads that connect multiple slides.

In the examples above, your Funding, Financials, GTM, and Roadmap slides all work together to explain why you need funding and your planned use of proceeds.

Hope that helps you take your Funding slide to the next level.

DM me if you need a fresh pair of eyes on your pitch deck narrative or slides.

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