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Malcolm Lewis | Pitch Deck Coach

Is your elevator pitch too vague and generic?

99% of startup elevator pitches are too vague and generic.

It's seems like such a simple task.

In plain English, state what you do, who/how you help, and why customers should choose you over alternatives.

👿 But the devil's in the details.

So what's your elevator pitch?

If you haven't nailed it, your startup is going nowhere.


Because without a clear idea of who you serve and why you'll win, you lack the context required to guide every decision you'll need to make in order to grow your startup from idea to MVP to PMF to scale.

Here's my elevator pitch as an example:

I'm a pitch deck coach for early stage startups. I'm the only coach with 30 years of operating experience including 6 startups, a $1B IPO, and 3 founder/CEO exits.

Questions answered by my elevator pitch:

The key is to be as hyper specific. Specific on your product. Specific on your audience. And specific on your differentiation.

If you're the founder of an early-stage startup reading my elevator pitch, you know exactly how I can help. And you have a solid reason to pick me over other coaches.

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