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Level-up your pitch deck instantly with descriptive slide titles

Level-up your pitch deck instantly by making sure each slide title = the key takeaway for your slide in the largest font on the slide.

FTW, also include the slide topic (Problem, Solution, etc.) in a much smaller font in the upper left corner of each slide.

> Small-font = Slide topic = Context

> Big-font = Slide title = Key takeaway

Revew the example below and see how an investor could figure out salient points of Gleamr's investor pitch in 30 seconds reading nothing but the slide titles. Yo can open the image in a new tab if it's too small for you to read.

Recommended pitch deck slide flow | Pitch Deck Coach

Apply this technique to your own deck to make it easier for investors to skim your pitch and see enough interesting information to lean and spend more time on your deck before moving onto the next one in their pile.

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