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Investors look at hundreds of startups a month. You have 30 seconds to grab their attention — if you're lucky. Make those seconds count!

Elevator pitch templates make the process look easy. But it isn't. There's a huge difference between knowing what to do and doing it with superb results. Reading a recipe book doesn't make you a master chef. You need help from an expert. That's where I come in. In my 25+ years as a startup founder/CEO and marketing exec, I've developed thousands of elevator pitches. Think of me as your personal chef helping you use my recipe book to cook the perfect meal.

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About me

25+ years startup exec/founder · 8 startups · 6 exits · $1 billion IPO · More on LinekedIn

My elevator pitch template for startups

[ your company name ] is [ your solution ] for [ your target customers/users ]. We help [ your customers/users ] [ solve this problem with these benefits ].

We're initially targeting [ your market ]. We make our money by [ your business model ]. We acquire customers by [ your customer acquisition strategy ]. Our Lifetime Value of Customer (LTV) is [ your multiple ] of our Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

We have [ your team advantage ], [ your technology advantage ]. [ your traction statement ].

We're seeking [ your desired funding ] to [ your primary use of funds raised ].

Elevator pitch example using my template

Gleamr is the largest consumer marketplace for on-demand mobile auto details in the US. We help consumers get an affordable, professional auto detail wherever they are, whenever they want. And we help mobile auto detailers spend less time chasing customers and more time detailing cars.

We're initially targeting the $12B US market for mobile auto details. We make our money by collecting a 15% transaction fee from auto detailers. We acquire customers primarily through paid search and paid social ad campaigns. and estimate a 4.9x LTV return on our customer acquisition cost.

We have a complete and experienced team, deep domain expertise, patent-pending technology and a significant first-mover advantage. In our first six months we've signed up 1,600 detailers and 16,000 consumers. We're currently making $162K a month and doubling users and revenue every month.

We're seeking $2M in Series A funding which will fund the next year of our business plan, getting us to $5.6M in ARR.

My testimonials

David Carlick headshot

"Malcolm understands the business and experience of being an entrepreneur. More importantly, he understands how to help entrepreneurs build the story that will move prospective investors, customers, partners, and employees."

David Carlick

Formerly Rho Ventures and VantagePoint Capital Partners

Alex Osadzinski headshot

"A pitch deck is the backdrop for telling your story: conveying your vision, your passion, the problem that you’re solving, your solution, and how you’re going to build your company. Malcolm’s experience is all around telling that story, to a variety of audiences, but always in a compelling way. "

Alex Osadzinski

Former Venture Partner, Trinity Ventures

Carey Ransom headshot

"If you're working on your pitch deck, you want a lot of well-trained eyes on it, that are more objective than you are, can clarify your story, and connect it to the market opportunities with customers and investors. Malcolm has a career of developing these stories as an entrepreneur, investor, and coach, and is a critical ally to founders."

Carey Ransom

Founder & President at Operate

Narayan Mahadevan headshot

"It was very evident from our first call that Malcolm was going to get thoroughly involved in understanding our problem, solution, market opportunity, business model, competitive advantage, etc. Thanks to his extensive experience as an entrepreneur himself, he can help you present the best you have to offer to all your stakeholders in a simplified and consistent manner. "

Narayan Mahadevan

Founder & CEO, BridgeLabz

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